Are You Still Using Windows 8 Developer Preview?

There was lots of hype coming up to Microsoft’s Build conference which was held in September this year. We knew that we would all be getting out first real look at Windows 8, but the main reason we were so excited was because it was rumoured that the first developer preview of Windows 8 would be made available to us all. Our wish came true, and every Windows enthusiast immediately started downloading it.

In fact it was so popular, that over 3 million copies of the developer preview have been downloaded to date. I think it’s fairly safe to conclude that all the people who downloaded the developer preview went and installed it, but the question is:

Are you still using the Windows 8 developer preview?

Personally, I can’t remember the last time I fired it up. I know this probably sounds bad since I’m an editor for a Windows 8 website, but bare with me.

When I first downloaded the developer preview, I immediately installed it in a virtual machine (see my guide here on how to do that). Of course I played around with it for a few days but I quickly got bored. First off, because I was running it in a virtual machine, the performance wasn’t that great and secondly because my laptop doesn’t have a touchscreen to take advantage of the Metro UI.

I got fed up with the slow response times and really just left it at that. I’d had a look around the menus and tried to launch a few of the apps, but a lot of things kept crashing on me. I really wasn’t too bothered with it.

At the moment the Windows 8 developer preview is sitting idle in a virtual machine on my hard drive, and to be honest it will probably stay there until the Windows 8 beta comes out. I think the developer previews are good for getting an idea of what the OS will be like, but it’s not until the beta builds and release candidates that it’s actually worth using them. Microsoft have said that there’s a lot of changes to come between now and the Windows 8 beta.

I’ll probably start dual booting my system with the beta builds and definitely with the release candidates when they come out. But until then I’ll be sticking with good old Windows 7.

What about any of you guys? Are any of you actively using the Windows 8 developer preview these days?

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