Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 50K Apps

A great deal has been made, by tech journalists, about the “lack” of apps for the Windows Phone platform, which is odd when you consider that by All About Windows Phone’s count the Marketplace has now reached the 50,000 app mark. I don’t know what some tech journalists consider to be a lot, but 50K sounds like a decent app catalog to me.

Of course, both Android and iOS are in the hundreds of thousands of apps and there are still some major apps that the platform is missing, notably Pandora and Audible, but most of the apps you’ll ever need and a whole lot more are in there waiting to be downloaded.

The actual number of apps for Windows Phone will vary based on which source you choose and how they estimate the app count, but it’s great for Microsoft to know that they have hit this milestone and are continuing to see exponential growth every week.

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One Response to Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 50K Apps

  1. Robert December 29, 2011 at 2:40 am #

    This is an exciting number. This means that each WinPho7 user can have their own app.

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