Developer Rigs Windows Phone Emulator to Make a Windows Phone Tablet [Video]

I’m just as excited in anticipation for Windows 8 on tablets as the next guy, but I always thought that the Windows Phone OS might make for a great tablet experience as well. If you agree then the following video might make you wish for that experience too. Windows Phone developer, Social Ebola, came up with a clever way to simulate the Windows Phone OS on a MIMO Magic Touch+ using the emulator for Windows Phone. You can see what he does to achieve this in the video below, but he essentially uses the tablet as a second display and moves the emulator over to it where he can use it like it’s an oversized phone.

What is surprising to me is that the multi-touch and scrolling all seem to work and are very fluid, responsive and smooth. Check out the video below for the demo:

via Engadget

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