January 2012 Smashing Magazine Calendar Wallpapers

The guys over at Smashing Magazine do a great job putting together some brilliant wallpapers. For the whole of 2011 the ran a series of calendar wallpapers for each month of the year. However the reason I never posted about them before is because I didn’t actually stumble across the series until the end of the summer, by which time I felt it was too late to share the series with you as you would have missed out on the previous months!

So this year I’m going to be bringing you the Calendar Wallpapers from their collection every month, I guess you could say that it’s my new years resolution in a way! Now for the month of January there is 18 different wallpapers for you to choose from. I’d recommend using all of them and set your wallpaper settings to change images every 10 minutes or so in the Windows 7 settings.

Not only are these great looking wallpapers for Windows 7, but they also have a calendar in them as well just for convenience. And if you don’t want to have the calendar on them, you can still download the wallpapers from Smashing Magazine without it.

Of course you can save the images by right click – > save as when your looking at them in the gallery below, but I’d recommend going to Smashing Magazine and getting them there. They have all the different resolutions as well as the non-calendar version. They also credit all the authors who contributed them as well which is important.

Click here to visit the site and download them

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