Windows 7 Continues To Dig Into XP’s Market Share

Another year, another massive loss for Windows XP. It seems like consumers are finally starting to pay heed to Microsoft’s message to ditch the OS that is now well over a decade old. And while Windows XP is losing big time, Windows 7 is gaining all its market share and more.

Going by the latest results from Net Applications, Windows XP lost 2.4 percent of the market in December leaving it with an average of just 46.5 percent of the market for the end of 2011, this fall matches the record drop the OS also suffered in October 2011. It’s still quite impressive that Windows XP has managed to hold onto such a large percentage of the market after so long, but it’s a big drop when you remember that XP started of 2011 with nearly 58 percent of the market.

Windows 7 on the other hand has been rapidly growing as it has been since its release, not only is it robbing market share from XP, but it’s also eating into Windows Vista’s as well. It gained 2.4 percent last month to reach 37 percent of the market, and in the same four months at the end of the year that Windows XP lost 5.9 percent, Windows 7 gained 6.4 percent. Considering that Windows 7 only started off with 23 percent of the market in 2011, it’s a good jump.

Windows Vista is very very slowly dropping in market share while OS X is holding pretty much steady. Of course we’ll probably see quite a big boost for Windows 7 again when the results come in for January as all those PC’s that were purchased over the holiday season come online and more and more Windows XP machines are made redundant.

It’s still worth remember that internationally, Windows XP is still the most used OS. However in the US Windows 7 has already replaced it as the most used OS, so it’s really only a matter of time before XP is finally knocked off it’s throne.

But will Windows 7 finally claim the number one spot before Windows 8 is released towards the end of 2012? It’s going to be a close race!

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