Windows Server 8 Beta Screenshots Leaked

A few days ago I reported that the Windows 8 Beta build had been finalised and signed off with the build number 8175. This is almost definitely the build that will be released to the public next month when Microsoft distribute the Windows 8 Beta for testing. However, while everyone seems to have focused on Windows 8, they’ve also forgotten that Microsoft are hard at work with Windows Server 8 as well.

There hasn’t been too much coverage on this so far but has posted a screenshot of the installation screen for Windows Server 8.

I know it’s not really much, but the poster says that the Beta version has come with a good few changes such as a refreshed Dashboard UI, new features and some code improvements. At the moment they’ve got it running on a Samsung slate and hope to have a few more screenshots in the near future.

I’m sure they’re will be plenty more beta leaks of both Windows 8 and Windows Server 8 as we near the release date of them, hopefully at the beginning of February.




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