Windows Phone 7 is Number 1 in Smartphone Customer Satisfaction

Several stories have appeared about the market status of Windows Phone 7. They all basically point to the fact that it has not been a commercial hit. The irony is that when it is reviewed it wins accolades for its sophistication and ease of use.

Too Bad.

In a recent survey on Smartphone Customer Satisfaction, Windows Phone 7 ranked the highest, even though it was the least reviewed.  According to the report, reviewers were most concerned with smartphones’ reliability, usability and battery life. Factors such as style, price and music player quality were not as important.


A survey was done  and analysis performed on 82,620 customer reviews of 318 smart phones published online by December 15th 2011.

To insure statistical representation and accuracy of results, we have focused on 42 smart phones that were reviewed at least 100 times this year. That may mean that some phones that were introduced toward the end of the year did not qualify for this report.



In this graph, Android was the highest reviewed smartphone, while Windows Phone 7 the least. However looking at the next image, Windows Phone 7 came in with the highest customer satisfaction.  However, the Android OS enthusiasm did not translate into customer satisfaction lead as Windows phone customers’ expectations were exceeded by their experience with a wider margin.


In fact, one question posed is why did Android come in so low comparted to Apple iOS and Blackberry and Windows Phone 7?  One of the possible reasons is the relatively weaker support of Android by the developer’s community that translates into the availability of applications.


Survey Categories

What were the categories that made the impact on the decision of customer satisfaction? Here is the list:

  • Reliability – 14.76% of all opinions expressed
  • Usability – 7.23% of all opinions expressed
  • Battery Life – 6.42% of all opinions expressed
  • Display – 5.82% of all opinions expressed
  • Camera & Video – 4.91% of all opinions expressed
  • Reception/Call Quality – 2.57% of all opinions expressed
  • Customer Support – 2.27% of all opinions expressed
  • Keyboard – 2.27% of all opinions expressed
  • Design (style) – 1.57% of all opinions expressed
  • Price – 1.23% of all opinions expressed
  • Music Player – 1.00% of all opinions expressed

From this list, reliability, usability and battery life are in the top three of customer importance. While design, price, and music player are in the bottom three.



source: Amplified Analytics



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2 Responses to Windows Phone 7 is Number 1 in Smartphone Customer Satisfaction

  1. Wp7-a-joke January 9, 2012 at 8:58 am #

    All, the whooping one percent of the total of users interviewed, made a  barely noticeable difference with respect to iOS and BB! Uau…The demographics is also quite strange.

    Don’t you think that the other 99% also have said something implicitly by not choosing WP7? Do you really thing they would have been satisfied by a product they decided NOT to buy?

    Moreover, that one percent has much more statistical fluctuations than larger samples. Go, learn statistics, try to convince with less nonsense…

    • Jonny D. Schiller January 9, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

      I know this isn’t a statistic. But I haven’t met a single person unhappy with WP7. Many people simply are not aware of windows phone. Implying that it is a lesser operating system just because of it’s market share is ridiculous. I’m sure windows fanboys use the same argument against OSX. I agree that the statistics here might not be backed very well, but I can say from experience that WP7 has incredibly high customer satisfaction. 

      Do some research yourself. Go on some services providers websites and read the customer reviews on their handsets. Android phones get much more complaints and rank lower than just about any of the Windows devices.

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