More Details About Windows 8 Beta Leaked

Previously we thought that the final build number for the Windows 8 beta build was going to be 8175. Sources said that the beta build had been signed off but now it looks like they were wrong. New information coming from states that the beta build is still in development, but a roadmap for it has been laid out.

According to their undisclosed sources, the Windows 8 Beta is currently in a pre-beta state and that the final beta build will not be 8175.

Here’s what the road map apparently looks like:

  • From now until January 21st, it’s in Pre-Beta stage
  • On January 23rd, Windows 8 will enter Beta “Escrow”
  • Then from 23rd to the 28th, testers will be voting for the final Beta Build and then sign off the Beta.
  • January 30th – The official Beta build is expected to be shown off at an internal preview

Targeted build number is now expected to be 8200.winmain_win8b1 not 6.2.8175.winmain.111217 -1215 as previously thought.

So it looks like it will be the beginning of February when we finally get out hands on the first official beta build of Windows 8.


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