Windows 8 To Be Released In October?

At the moment we don’t have a solid release date for Windows 8, Microsoft never really give us a fixed release date until the final build has been completed. At the moment everyone’s thinking that it will be towards the end of this year, probably in time for the holiday shopping period. At CES this year, Pocket-lint reported on a conversation they had with Microsoft that indicated a October release date.

They spoke with Janelle Poole who is the director of public relations of the Windows Business Group. She had this to say:

We haven’t talked about the release date and we generally don’t. We are talking milestone to milestone, so for us right now we’re talking about the next milestone being the consumer preview happening in late February.

One of the things that I think is a good guideline though is we’ve always said that Windows releases come round about every three years and this year will be three years in October since we launched Windows 7. So I think that’s a good guideline to consider.

It would make sense that this is when Windows 8 will launch, as October 3 years ago will be when Windows 7 launched, which is hard to believe. Windows 7 did also come to market earlier than expected thanks to a series of extremely stable betas and release candidates. I’m sure that Microsoft are working as hard as they can to get Windows 8 ready as soon as possible to cash in on the tablet boom and also get their new OS out on the latest line of ultrabooks that will be flooding the market this year.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft stick to their 3 year product cycle, or will they cut it down a little like they did with Windows 7?

When do you think Windows 8 will be released?

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