How Bill Gates Is Better Than Batman

There is no denying that Bill Gates is one of the greatest entrepreneurs and businessmen of all time. We can all thank Bill Gates for bringing Windows to the masses and changing the way that the everyday normal consumer uses computers.

Gates was the pioneer for Windows and it was his dream to have Windows running on every computer in every home. If we look at the 90%+ market share that Windows now enjoys I think it’s fair to say that he got pretty close to that dream.

Of course Gates is also known for donating extraordinary amounts of his wealth to various charities around the world. This great infographic that I found from Frugaldad shows just how much work he’s done as well as how many lives he has saved. Interestingly enough they compare him to Batman, but this infographic is well worth looking at.

If you didn’t know the extent of the work that Bill Gates does, be sure to check it out

microsoft infographic



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