Will Windows 8 Help or Hurt the PC market?

An article in Zdnet Windows 8 is a big risk to the consumer PC industry made some important points about the status of the PC industry as a whole and Windows 8 specifically. The gist is that the PC industry is in trouble, and Windows 8 may not help it recover.

“The consumer PC industry is in the doldrums, with sales down at uncomfortable levels and a near-tangible lack of enthusiasm in the air.”

Consumer Business is Down…But Enterprise Business is Up

2011 was the year of the tablet. Anyone, following this industry will tell you that. The revolutionary approach to computing with the invention of the Apps, changed how people used computing devices. Specific operations, and there were thousands of them, changed what people did with their devices. The spillover, moreover, to the smartphone market, one that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, was remarkable. This was like watching how the US changed after Edison introduced the light bulb. You can’t go back, and don’t even want to.

So yes, the PC is down, because it’s model goes back to 1975. It was time for a change. And consumers clearly saw it. They wanted computers, just not the PC.

Yet Microsoft and hundreds of other companies continue to produce software for the business market, and doing well. What that says is that the PC is not dead, but continues and will continue to have a life that will survive the tablet onslaught.

Will Windows 8 Help or Hurt?

The existing computer operating system model goes back to the days of DOS. And it has not changed. Sure enhancements occurred and it became faster, slicker, and more powerful. But even with the GUI interface, and the GUI operating system, it was still a DOS based model. Windows 8 is supposed to change that.

New boot ups, a new interface, new CPU technology is supposed to change how the computer operates. This will lead to new types of applications. And some of these changes clearly come for the tablet concept.

Will Windows 8 help or hurt? Obviously, that answer won’t be finally given until a year after it has been released and consumers and experts make their findings known. But is the PC industry dead or dying? We can say, let’s hope not, but more realistically, we can say, it isn’t.






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3 Responses to Will Windows 8 Help or Hurt the PC market?

  1. My Misc Activity January 16, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    Like the post says “They wanted computers, just not the PC”. Exactly. Let market chooses what form of computer it wants. PC market is not going to grow, that is likely, but at least in foreseeable future, tablet or smart phone, or even laptop can only be supplement of desktop as far as I understand. They either have smaller screen, or limited power, or less performance, or all of above restrictions. It is more accurate to say we are going to enter a cloud personal computing era, with desktop, or maybe laptop at the center, and all other forms of handsets working together. 

    That is why I am looking forward to Windows 8, the first and only OS to enable this cloud.

    • EmbarkTech January 17, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

      I like……. 🙂

  2. ntsteflonnts January 20, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    The problem with the ‘Industry’ is not Microsoft, and the problem is not hardware: the problem is applications.  Today’s class of applications and games run perfectly well on last-gen hardware.  Windows 8 with it’s lower overhead will make upgrades even less needed.  The market will stay stagnant until the next killer app demands more performance than today’s OS and hardware can already deliver on.

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