Windows SkyDrive and Microsoft Office – Project Collaboration

Problem: Say you are working on a project with several people who are located on a different city, or even a different state. Furthermore, some may be using a PC or a MAC. You put together a document and want to save it on the cloud, but will the others in the project access it? And what if others decide to modify the document and save it, will others be able to access the most current document?

SkyDrive and Office

Here is a solution, use SkyDrive. With it you can store all your files in one place, so everyone can access the latest version. You can also use free Office Web Apps for basic editing from any browser.

Here are some of the things you can do with Web Apps:

  • Upload documents to SkyDrive
  • Edit documents
  • Share your documents
  • Work with others on projects
  • Embed a presentation on a webpage
  • Embed a spreadsheet on a webpage

But what makes this solution even more inviting is that SkyDrive and Office Web Apps integrate with the Office apps installed on your PC or Mac so you can work together on documents in the cloud right from your desktop apps. With the right setup, you can work together on a Word doc or PowerPoint presentation with your teammates at the same time. Creating an account is easy and free. Start with a Windows Live account.


Next create a SkyDrive account and a Web Apps account. Then once you have the Web Apps and Windows SkyDrive, you can follow several tips to make your work easier.

  1. Add to your desktop for quick access
  2. Create one space for the team that’s easy to find
  3. Capture meeting notes, brainstorming notes, and to-do’s more efficiently than email.
  4. Access SkyDrive docs right from Word, Excel or PowerPoint—online or offline
  5. Use Word co-authoring to ensure your team’s plan flows nicely
  6. Use version history to avoid disasters

These tips can help you manage a project and keep the documentation easy to use. Plus because SkyDrive can be accessed anytime and anywhere you are not limited to when or where you can work on the project.

Note that you must have a Windows Live ID to access SkyDrive.

Source: Microsoft SkyDrive


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