Make Windows 7 Look Like Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0 is the most recent operating system from Google that’s been dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s a slick looking UI that’s becoming quite popular on tablets as of late. Well Flickr user David Molina wanted to bring the beauty of Ice Cream Sandwich to his desktop. So he set about tweaking a few things and downloading a few bits. The final result is a very Ice Cream Sandwichy looking desktop as seen below

Unfortunately it’s not that straight forward a process. It’s not as simple as downloading and installing a Windows 7 theme. Instead you’ll have to download and set up the following wallpapers, fonts and applications

However the good thing about using a whole load of individual components is that you can customise each bit exactly how you want, as well as remove those features that you don’t like
So if you’re a big android fan why not try this out. It will certainly give you an interesting android themed desktop

(Thanks to lifehacker for putting together that list)

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