Reopen Accidentally Closed Windows With UndoClose

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the features in most browsers which let you reopen tabs that you may have accidentally closed. However such a feature doesn’t exist in Windows 7 for reopening programs and windows that you may have accidentally closed. UndoClose is a great little application that will add that feature to Windows 7 for you.

This great little program is from Addictive Tips and logs all the programs that you’ve closed on your computer. And then it’s got hotkeys assigned that lets you reopen these windows, in the same order that you closed them. It runs in the background the whole time and uses 35 MB of memory, but if you’re running a large number of apps and folders this will increase so it’s worth taking that into account.

The program also knows to distinguish between explorer windows and actual program windows. It’s got two different hot keys for restoring the two different types of windows

Ctrl + Shift + F = Reopen folders
Ctrl + Shift + P = Reopen programs

This really is a very handy little program, the only drawback with it is that it can’t distinguish between different windows within a program. For example if you have you IM client running and have a few different chat windows open, it will only be able to identify the main IM clients window and not the extra chat ones.

All in all it’s a nifty little program and if you’ve got a high powered machine and aren’t worried about using up a tiny bit more memory I think it’s well worth having.

You can see a detailed video explaining how to use it below as well as the download link

You can download it here


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