Latest Ways and Means to Share Files – Part 3 – Using SkyDrive

In this article you’ll learn how to use Windows Live Mesh and share folders in SkyDrive. As well, you will learn how to personalize each computer in your Live Mesh setup by changing their name and picture symbol for easier identification.

But first let’s take a closer look at Sky Drive.

What is SkyDrive?

  • Sky Drive is part of Microsoft’s Windows Live range of online services, and uses Windows Live ID to control access to files, allowing users to create files, store files, and make them publicly available.
  • SkyDrive allows users to upload files to Cloud Storage on the Web and then access them using a Web browser. It is directly accessible via Live Mail and Hotmail or using Windows Live Mesh. 
  • SkyDrive allows users to store Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents within the Web browser.
  • SkyDrive provides 25 GB of free personal on-line storage, with individual files limited to 100 MB. Files are listed as private or public and can be shared with contacts.
  • SkyDrive files can be viewed and edited in Microsoft Office and new files created within this environment.

Sharing folders on the Web (using SkyDrive)

Here’s how you go about storing a folder on SkyDrive.

1.      Open Windows Live Mesh.

2.      In the opening screen, select the folder to be synced.

3.      This expands the synced folder showing more information. On the right-hand side, click Select devices.

4.      A new window “Where do you want to sync …” opens.

5.      Check the box against SkyDrive synced storage and then click the Ok button.

6.      In the next screen, the Folder is synced with SkyDrive.

Checking the Synced Folder in SkyDrive


Fine Tuning Windows Live Mesh

To save confusion and to show their type you can change the name and picture symbol for each computer you are using Windows Live Mesh. It is a simple matter to change the name and the picture for each computer.

1.      Set all your computers running, in the main computer select Go to Windows Live Devices.

2.      Windows Live opens showing all registered Devices.

Note: In this illustration there are four computers all listed and running under Windows Live Mesh. Each has the same name and the same picture associated with each it. Confusing!

Well, Windows Live Mesh allows you to customize the registered computers so you can create a meaningful name and have a more suitable picture associated with it.

3.     You can personalize each one changing the Name and the picture symbol. To do this select one and click Personalize.

4.      Enter a more appropriate name and change the illustration to suit.

5.      Click the Save button. Do this for each one in turn.


6.      Once you make these changes the new-look Synced Computers will be easily identified.

So there you have it, You have changed to look of the computers in Live Mesh so they are easily identified.

Windows Live Mesh is well worth taking a closer look!

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3 Responses to Latest Ways and Means to Share Files – Part 3 – Using SkyDrive

  1. Mike Kruzel January 30, 2012 at 8:10 pm #

    I thought Windows Live Mesh was discontinued last March? 

    • Quocka February 4, 2012 at 3:03 am #

      Check out Microsoft’s website. Windows Live Mesh is alive and well! 

  2. Guest January 30, 2012 at 11:10 pm #

    This is a wonderful article until the one day you find out that someone from the Government seizes your files and shuts the whole thing down to include smashing your door down at gunpoint to arrest you and your family.

    They then take you to court and litigate with the full power of the government until you are bankrupt and have lost everything including your home for mortgaging to pay the lawyers.

    This is the kind of crap you have to face because the US Governments in your ass over online content that may even have the hint of being copyrighted.

    Never trust ONLINE services because now those LEGITIMATE users of Megaupload are now screwed because they are about to loose all their data due to the US Government overstepping their authority because THEY broke the law.

    Online services are exempt from what their clients put up.
    Someone explain how millions of users can be monitored and billions of files checked in real time for copyrighted content.  That’s one reason why that law was passed.
    Poor old MPAA, the fact that they are going the way of the dodo should have been an awakening not to pay CEO and actors millions for doing absolutely nothing.

    You want to put something online then ANYONE can see it so I hope it’s not scans of your dirty underwear.

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