New Roses Themes for Windows 7

Valentines day is fast approaching, so here are some new Windows 7 themes that you can download an use on your desktop. These are Roses, and they are some of the most wonderful looking pictures ever.

Queen of the Flowers

Known as “the queen of flowers,” roses have been valued for thousands of years for their beauty and fragrance. Their connection to romance also spans the generations, popping up in songs, poems, and in lovers’ bouquets since at least the Middle Ages.



rose is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, and there are over 100 species. They form a group of erect shrubs, and climbing or trailing plants, with stems that are often armed with sharp prickles. Flowers are large and showy, in colors ranging from white through yellows and reds. Most species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. The name rose comes from French, itself from Latin rosa.

Earliest roses are known to have flourished 35 million-years ago  and petrified rose wreaths have been unearthed from ancient Egyptian tombs.

Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. They are also used for commercial perfumes and commercial cut flower crops. Some also work as landscape plants. They also have minor medicinal uses.


Roses often appear in art and appear in various artistic disciplines. They appear in portraits, illustrations, on stamps, as ornaments or as architectural elements. One artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté is known for his detailed watercolors of flowers, particularly roses.

Legends and mythology

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, created the rose from her tears and the blood of her lover Adonis. The Romans, turning Aphrodite into their goddess Venus, also adopted the rose: it became the symbol of love and beauty. Cupid, offering a rose when trying to bribe the God of Silence to hush Venus’s amorous escapades, made the flower into a symbol for secrecy.

Download Roses Themes
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