Microsoft and NUI and the Windows 7 Interface

Microsoft and NUI and the Windows 7 Interface

Microsoft has been in interested in developing alternative interfaces for users. Their touch and speech technology, which has entered the Windows 7 OS system and has been a player for different models saw a new partner enter with Microsoft.

Natural User Interface

A natural user interface (NUI) is a user interface that is effectively invisible, or becomes invisible with successive learned interactions, to its users. It is natural because most computer interfaces use artificial control devices where users must learn the operation. Moreover, a NUI relies on a user making a quick transition from novice to expert. Thus, while the interface requires learning, a special interface design gives the user the feeling that they are instantly and continuously successful. This technology allows users to carry out relatively natural motions, movements or gestures that they quickly discover control the computer application or manipulate the on-screen content. The goal is to make the user feel like a natural; and not part of a suspect view that the natural user interface is  somehow a mimicry of nature, or that some inputs to a computer are somehow more ‘natural’ than others.


So today, Microsoft entered an agreement with 24/7 to jointly bring the power of natural user interfaces (NUIs) and data analytics at cloud scale (Big Data) to enable the future of customer service for businesses.

Last year, Microsoft saw its Kinect system grow from a game computing add on to a science development system. But now, this new partnership extends this NUI system to business applications. With Microsoft and 24/7, new ways to use NUI should develop and this will give businesses a new way to present their data and information. It should also extend the type of users to Windows 7 that weren’t available before because of disabilities or other handicaps. But even though that is not their first goal, which is instead to provide mobile and social media connections, still using this approach can add many users and start the switch over to an alternative natural interface.


With Microsoft expanding its NUI technology in Windows 7 and  the upcoming Windows 8 this can make an big impact on how users will use computers.

Source: Microsoft Press

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