Windows 8 Windows Store Lauch Games Revealed

Microsoft has always shipped a handful of games with each version of the windows operating system. This usually included one or multiple Solitaire versions, good old Minesweeper, and even online games such as Backgammon or Hearts. Tom Warren over at The Verge got his hands on a list of Windows Store games that Microsoft intents to offer in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build that will supposedly be released later this month.

According to Tom, the following games will be available in the preview version of the Windows Store.


Angry Birds is without doubt the biggest name in the list. Some of the lesser known games have received rave reviews though. This is for instance true for Ms. Splosion Man or Rocket Riot,  which both have been released on Xbox Live Arcade. Judging from the names something’s there for virtually any taste. From Poker over racing to puzzle games.

It is also interesting to note that the majority of games are already available on Xbox Live Arcade.

Tom notes that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview version will ship with Pinball and Solitaire preinstalled on the system, and that the remaining games listed above are available as separate downloads from the integrated Windows store.

Windows Store will carry free and commercial game and application offerings. Developers can either offer their apps and games for free, or charge users between $1.49 and $999 for them.

The games included in the preview version of Windows Store are all-in-all high quality games. It is likely that Microsoft plans to integrate high quality apps in the store preview as well.

Update: Microsoft News has reported that other games will also be available at the start of the Windows 8 Beta. The games mentioned are Beards & Beaks , geoDefense, Zero Gravity, Rise Of Glory, iBlast Moki, Sudoku, Minesweeper and Cut The Rope.

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    Beautiful MS… Windows Re-imagined indeed…

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