Windows 8 Consumer Preview To Be Build 8250?

Earlier on this week Microsoft finally confirmed that they would be unveiling the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on February 29th at the Mobile World Congress which is being held in Barcelona this year. To date we’ve seen a few leaked screenshots of builds which we thought could be the Beta build for Windows 8. However Win8China is now reporting that those were in fact only pre-Beta builds and that the actual Build number for the Consumer Preview will be 8250.

If you are reading the post using Google translator it really doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense as it’s not very easy to translate Chinese to English. But the main points from it are this

  • The Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be Build no 8250
  • Win8China also expect that this build will be made available to download on February 29th
  • Microsoft are yet to finalise this build. They are currently in the process of working up towards it and they tend to skip some build numbers coming up to the release.

We’ve already heard that Build 8277 has been finalised and is very stable.

If the Beta and Release Candidate that we had for Windows 7 are anything to go by, I say that this Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be very stable. Microsoft work very hard on ensuring that their pre-release software is as stable as possible. With Windows 7 there was no need for a second beta and the first Release Candidate was used as the final RTM version because they were so stable.

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