Windows Phone “Tango” Update Information Leaks

According to a leak on a Russian website,, the next Windows Phone update, codenamed “Tango” will include some updates, features and changes for devices with lower specs. Just to catch up, the Tango update is said to help Microsoft bring Windows Phone to more countries and bring the platform to devices with lower specs, specifically devices with only 256MB of RAM (currently, devices have a min. of 512MB of RAM).

To summarize, the new update will be bringing a few new features with many directed toward low-end devices for users coming from a feature phone:

  • SIM contacts – Users will be able to manage (import and export) contacts from the SIM card.
  • Pre-installed Apps – Will be increased from a minimum of 16 to 40.
  • Roaming – Users will be able to deselect or switch to domestic or international.
  • Multimedia MMS – Users will be able to attach multiple media files (audio, picture and video) to a single MMS message.

The post also addresses features and changes which are coming specifically to the low-end (256MB) devices:

  • Users will be unable to uninstall certain apps from the device.
  • Certain app restrictions may apply (e.g. third-party live tiles not automatically updating).
  • Podcasts will not be manageable from the device.
  • Video streams lower than 4MB/s and H.264 v2 video encoding will only be supported.
  • Handsets with a minimum 3MP camera.
  • Feature to upload photos to SkyDrive automatically will be disabled.

These features and limitations have been leaked from a Russian Windows Phone website along with screenshots and have not been confirmed by Microsoft, so take everything as a plausible rumor until we hear more about Tango.

via WMPoweruser

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