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If you have been following this blog ever since first postings started to appear on it about Windows 7, you certainly know a lot about the operating system. If you are new however, and do not have the desire to read through hundreds of posts on this and other sites to get an overview, you might be interested in an ebook that is revealing many of the new features and tricks that you should know as a Windows 7 users.

77 Features For Windows 7 That Every IT Professional Should Know About is a free ebook that lists 77 interesting features of the windows 7 operating system on 27 pages. Each feature is described in a paragraph or two, with some highlighted further with screenshots.


Want a taste of what you find inside?

  • Private searches in the operating system.
  • How to launch taskbar-pinned items with administrative privileges
  • Useful Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts
  • Restore the old quick launch toolbar
  • Browse your tasks

The book is especially useful for first-time Windows 7 users, and those who would like to see if they have been missing out on features that the operating system has to offer.

The second ebook, Windows 7 Troubleshooting Tips, takes a look at the troubleshooting tools that are built-into the operating system. While it is clearly written for tech workers, it can be equally be interesting for Windows 7 users who would like to troubleshoot system problems on their own.

It offers several advanced tips that can come in handy at times. This includes for instance information about the operating system’s Driver Verifier and how to start it, how to access the built-in troubleshooting wizard, using filters in the resource monitor, or how to use the Windows Recovery Environment.

Please note that both ebooks are provided free of charge. You do however need to log in or create an account before you can download the ebooks. Below are the links

77 Features For Windows 7 That Every IT Professional Should Know About

Windows 7 Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any issues let us know in the comments.

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