Microsoft Launches the “Smoked by Windows Phone” Ad Campaign

Microsoft thinks it has a great mobile phone. Last month they had a “Smoked by Phone” contest at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show consumers that their phone was better than others. In fact, they won 88% of the challenges. Now they are taking that experience to the marketplace with ads.

According to the Seattle Times, there will be 12 different ads featuring other smartphone users who have taken on the challenge to see if their phone can beat a Windows Phone in simple, everyday tasks, such as: browser searches, updating a social network, or taking a photo.


Not leaving other stones unturned, Microsoft, on the Facebook page, will also provide video footage from the original “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge from the January CES show. There, at the Microsoft booth, CES attendees participated in speed challenges, winning $100 if their smartphone beat the Windows Phone.

Other sites like CNET,, Entertainment Tonight,, and Daily Candy will provide 15 and 30 second clips of Windows Phone taking on the competition.

YouTube has had 500,000 hits so far on the videos.


Suggestion Page

One of the things that got Microsoft involved in this ad campaign in the first place was the suggestion proposed in the Advertising and Promotion page. People’s responses made an impact on Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft has a feature suggestion page where you can plant your idea for an ad.

In all, this has been Microsoft’s response to its lack of market share. Basically, it is “We will do things our way, not Apples’ not Google’s.” They need it to be successful because after more than a year on the market, the Windows Phone 7 hasn’t made an impact. True, the press and tech watchers are looking at Apple and it’s new mobile phone, but with more consumer satisfaction stories, the indifferent view of the public should begin to change.

Source: Seattle Times, Windows Phone Blog


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