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If you are using more than one Microsoft product you may also have multiple accounts. Say, a Windows Phone account, one for Windows Live, one Xbox 360 account and maybe even a Zune account. And even if you are using the same log in information for these accounts, you until now had no option to manage those accounts in a central location.

That’s exactly what Microsoft wants to change with the launch of Microsoft Your Account, a new version of the Billing Account Management portal. The service supports several popular Microsoft services, including Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Windows Live and Microsoft Office.

The service allows Microsoft account owners to view their purchases and subscriptions from Microsoft online services, edit their payment options, and update their account information online.

microsoft your account

Once you sign in to Microsoft Your Account you are presented with a list of your recent transactions. This includes for instance games purchased on Xbox Live. From there you can switch to the transactions menu to filter transactions by month, currency or payment option.

The subscriptions menu lists all active subscriptions under the account, with options to manage them or to view their history.

The profile menu displays profile information like the user’s name, email address or address. These can be edited right here.

Payment options finally can be used to add new payment options to the system. This can be helpful for users who would like to switch a payment option for a service they use, for instance to a new credit card.

Microsoft notes that not everything is yet supported by Microsoft Your Account.

You can find below all the items not covered yet:

  • Directed update: primary/secondary users.
  • Renew few MSN subscriptions with HIP validation.
  • Bundle purchases transaction history.
  • Payout billable account management.
  • Market support other than: USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Japan.

Probably the biggest restriction right now is the concentration on some markets only. Users who are not living in the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany or Japan cannot use the service right now.

Microsoft Your Account lacks management features that would make it a true centralized account management service. It is for instance not displaying information about free Microsoft products, or offering to manage them as well on the site. (via Within Windows)

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