Microsoft Stock Climbs on Windows 8 CP Release

Microsoft seems to be receiving a much-needed and much-deserved stock bump from its Windows 8 announcements and release yesterday in Barcelona. The new operating system from Microsoft is a bold bet and major transition for the company that many believed to be stagnant in the new touchscreen computing world. The current stock price for Microsoft is 32.29 and is expected to hit at least $36 very soon on the positive release of the first beta of Windows 8.

The new version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 8, is receiving very positive reviews from most tech journalists and blogs. More importantly, for Microsoft, the build that was released to the public dubbed “Consumer Preview” is very stable and looks to be nearly complete with some minor tweaking and bug fixes certainly yet to come. This means that Microsoft could conceivably have a Windows 8 release in mid-2012, beating most estimates.

Microsoft expects Windows 8 to beat even the incredible sales of the current-generation OS, Windows 7, which has sold approximately 550 million licenses to date.

Source: Forbes

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