Kinect makes an Impact as Education Hardware

Kinect is being used for education purposes. This is a surprise given that When Microsoft Corp. launched Kinect worldwide in 2010, it’s intended market was the gaming crew. And it became the controller-free gaming and entertainment system became a phenomenon overnight. The odd thing is that it didn’t take long for the gaming system to branch out and attract different types of users.

Kinect in the Classroom as Education Hardware

Kinect brought together a variety of different of hobbyists and academics to take advantage of the Kinect for Windows SDK to develop new educational applications and teachers to bring existing Kinect games into their classrooms to supplement their curricula.

Teachers are always having to compete for the attention of students. There is the lack of interest in subject matter, there are the forces of growing up, there are personal forces that distract the attention of students. So it has become a welcome sight when there is technology that can help teachers reach students.

With Kinect educators are enhancing traditional lessons plans, special education, physical education, school communications and collaboration, and after-school programs with immersive full-body experiences that help students get engaged in learning, stay on task, and inspire creativity and camaraderie with peers.

200 Kinect Classroom Activities

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If someone can help change the classroom into a more viable learning center, that would be a big accomplishment. That is what Kinect can do. It can to transform ordinary classroom lessons into learning experiences. Education experts have at this time produced more than 200 ready-to-use classroom activities, that align with Common Core State Standards. Microsoft has made it easy to implement Kinect because it works with the existing audio-visual equipment that schools already own such as televisions, projectors and white-board systems. So working with Kinect is fast and easy.

The benefits of active learning are such that students see their classroom time as one where they are busy and not bored.

Microsoft even has a variety of stories that show how teachers use Kinect in the classroom.


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