Will Lumia 800 Update Triple Battery Life?

Nokia’s Lumia 800 Windows Phone, while lovely, had some problems with battery life when it first appeared.  Nokia and Microsoft rushed out a patch that fixed the problem but now it is being reported that a new update to the phone’s firmware, version 1600.2487.8107.12070 goes even further and may triple the battery life of the handset.

WPCentral forced the update onto a handset and reported the staggering result.  “We can testify that 12070 has nearly tripled our battery life since we forced-upgraded from 11401, making this a worthy and important update for Lumia users.”

This great news almost seems too good to be true as a tipling of battery life would push the Lumia 800 into first place in the battery stakes ahead of Apple’s iPhone.  Currently it is common to have to charge any smartphone once a day, though some can be really terrible under heavy usage.  This news could mean that we’re not far from only having to charge the handsets every few days or perhaps even once a week in the foreseeable future.

It is also interesting to note that it’s not just the physical battery that gives us a good or a bad life.  The firmware, software, operating system and the way the battery is used and managed have a significant impact on battery life.

In addition to the improved battery usage WPCentral are also reporting that the update “tweaks the camera’s white balance a little and sound is improved via the bass response.”

The update is already rolling out to Lumia 800 users in Singapore and the rest of the world can be expected to follow soon.  The Lumia 800 is already the world’s most desirable Windows Phone and one of the the most desirable smartphones on the market.  I have used one for a month on loan from Nokia and I can confirm that it is indeed a fantastic handset.  This firmware update can only make what is already brilliant, even better.

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