Welcome To Our New Site!


To our new site name, Everything-Microsoft.com! 

This new site and domain name will (eventually – we are going to stagger the site migrations to minimize the impact) merge together our three current sites:

  1. Windows 7 News
  2. Windows 8 News
  3. Windows 9 News

We’ve taken this bold decision in order to make it easier for our readers to access the great content that our team has been producing.  No longer will you have to visit three sites to keep up to date with the latest Windows OS developments – all of our content can now be found in one place, with a larger combined userbase to increase the chances to air your views with other readers.

More Topics

We will also be expanding the focus of the site to cover Everything Microsoft (sic) and not just consumer OS releases, increasing the depth and breadth of the posts available.  Look out for more posts on other Microsoft topics!

Other benefits of the new site

  • Cleaner navigation and grouping of subjects
  • Better content discovery with several new site widgets
  • Improved images and new image galleries
  • Better Subscription options – subscribe to all posts or chose only the categories you want to subscribe to
  • Easy Social Network Sharing buttons

We Need Your Help!

    1. Sharing: One of the drawbacks of the domain migration is we’ve lost all of our social network shares (sob):
      •  Please help restore some of our ‘social’ pride by sharing any posts that you read – it only takes two clicks using the new buttons
      • In particular, please take the time to ‘+1’ and ‘Like’ the new site:
    1. Twitter: We have a new twitter account – join the list of followers:

  1. Facebook: We have a new facebook page – join the discussion!
  2. RSS: If you’re currently subscribed to one of our old feeds, you will still receive updates from this site.  However, to avoid duplication and potential issues in the future please unsubscribe from the old feeds and subscribe to the new feed
  3. Teething errors: There are bound to be some teething problems with redirecting the old sites. If you see an error or just want to send feedback, please contact the team

We hope that you enjoy the new site!

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  1. Martin Brinkmann March 15, 2012 at 3:38 am #

    Glad to be here.

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