Hunger Games – Microsoft’s New Ad Connection With HTML5

Hunger Games, the Movie, is slated for release on March 23. In a typical situation advertisers go all out in the first week to make their movie known to the public, where after that, the advertisement is word of mouth. If people like it they say so, and if they don’t they say that also.

But advertisement has been tricky for various reasons; cost for one, and then also the type of advertisement on display is another. On computer systems, most commercial advertisement has come with the use of Adobe Flash. Now Microsoft is making a change with HTML5.  In a collaboration, Microsoft and Lionsgate are hoping to lead the industry down a new path. They’re partnering on a site that uses HTML5 and other web standards, without plugins, to create an environment for Hunger Games .

Hunger Games in the Control Room

The HTML5 based site shows a fluid design, which is functional in a variety of browsers (I looked at it in Firefox) , but Microsoft says IE9 offers a better experience because of the work the company has done in the browser to use a computer’s hardware to make visuals on screen more dynamic.

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games site presents some hidden features for fans of the novel to discover as they wait for the movie. It also uses HTML video in unique ways, skewing the video to fit the circle of screens in the Control Room for example.

IE9 and MarketShare

Microsoft hopes to use the Hunger Games experience to convince users to go back to Internet Explorer. This is due to the fact that other browsers have taken a bite out of the market that Microsoft once held in the 90% range. Not so now. It is more in the 60% range, and dropping.

But the new HTML5 experience should point out to users that the browser is presenting new features that other browsers aren’t capturing yet.

Source: Geek Wire

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