Close All Programs in Windows With One Simple Click

These days, because our computers have become more and more powerful, we’ve started to multi task a lot more. We regularly will have several programs open at once. It’s not uncommon to have an Excel Spreadsheet, 2 Word documents, a PDF, Your Music Playing as well as a few browser tabs going all at once.

However when you’ve eventually finished all your work, it can become a bit tedious to manually close each program. Wouldn’t it be so much handier if you could just close everything with a single click?

Well there’s a great little app called Close All which will do just that for you.

The program itself is tiny and doesn’t take up any of your memory as it doesn’t need to run in the background. It simply sends a close command to all the open windows and doesn’t even require any installation.

Simply download the ZIP file from the link below.

[download id=”412″]

Now extract the ZIP file to a location on your hard drive.

Once you’ve done this, just go ahead and pin this CloseAll.exe file to the task bar by following the steps in the screenshot below.

You’ll know find an icon in your task bar, all you have to do now is click that and it will close all your programs for you. Don’t worry, if you’ve forgotten to save any work, you’ll still be prompted to save it before the program closes.

Now all you have to do is click on the icon and all your open programs will close




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