How To Personalize Windows 8

Windows 8 has come with plenty of new graphical changes designed to help improve the users experience. The Metro UI for a start has completely changed the way Windows presents programs to the user. The lockscreen is a big improvement from previous versions. It’s got notifications built into it which make it quick and easy to see what’s going on.

In this guide I’m going to show you how you can customise your Windows 8 machine.

First off to access your personalization settings go to your Charms Bar, then Settings followed by More PC Settings

You’ll now find yourself at the Windows 8 Personalization settings

Lock Screen

The first thing we’re going to look at customising is the Lock Screen.

Here you’ll be able to change the picture used for your Lock Screen. You can choose from the ones already included in Windows 8, or you can browse your computer for a different image if you wish.

The other thing you can personalize is the new notifications that appear on your Lock Screen. All you have to do is click on each of the icons to choose which app you’d like to have displaying notifications on the start screen. It’s simple to add and remove them

Start Screen

The start screen is another section of your PC that you can customise. Here you can adjust the colour scheme by sliding the slider to the colour of your choice.

You can also choose from a variety of designs and patterns available in Windows 8.

Account Picture

It’s quick and easy to change your account picture. Just click on the Account Picture tab and you’ll be able to view your current account picture, browse for a new one or take one there and then with your webcam.


Of course you are still able to make use of the giant selection of Windows 7 themes that we have here but you can also take advantage of the growing collection of Windows 8 themes as well.

Remember these themes only apply to the desktop part of Windows 8 and have no effect on the Metro UI.

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