The Windows 8 Power Users Guide Now Availble for Pre-Order on Amazon

There’s a certain concern raised when a book you’re writing suddenly appears on Amazon when you’ve only written a quarter of it  :/  That said, it’s still very exciting and today this is the first look (for me too) of the cover for the first of my new Windows 8 books.  I don’t know about you but I think it looks really cool.

The new “Windows 8 Power Users Guide” is the first commercial edition of my self-published Power Users Guide series, the Windows 7 one is still available for download completely free here.  If you are wanting to, or even just thinking of writing a Windows 8 book because it’s a career you’d like to get into I want this book to speak up for each and every one of you, and indeed this is what the dedication inside the cover will say.

It’s a great time to self-publish a book as many services, including Amazon itself allows you to sell your eBooks and much more through their CreateSpace service.  Writing the book doesn’t need to be difficult either, my original Windows Vista Power Users Guide was just 68 pages and still had great reviews.

So what would your take on a Windows 8 book be and who would you write for?  Your market and knowing the competition is very important.  Perhaps you want to write for complete computer newbies.  Here you’d be competing with the Dummies books and Microsoft Press’ Step-by-Step books which are usually 500 pages, black and white and heavy going.  There’s also my own forthcoming Windows 8: Out of the Box which is none of these things and perhaps you’d want to write something closer to that.

Maybe you want to write an in-depth guide for enthusiasts or IT Pros, much like the new Windows 8 Power Users Guide.  There’s no need to cover the entire OS in-depth.  Just the pieces you feel are appropriate for your book.

So consider this a rallying call.  If I can do this then anybody can, I genuinely mean that.  If you want to write a book on Windows 8, Windows Server 8, Office 15 or any new product it’s never been easier and there’s never been a better time.

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