Internet Explorer Starting To Win Back Market Share

Internet Explorer has been suffering badly over the last number of years and has lost an awful lot of market share to competitors such as Chrome and Firefox. However, it looks like the old dog is not going down without a fight and recorded nearly a percentage increase in the last month alone.

It seems that Internet Explorer 9 is beginning to win back IE fans who previously jumped ship for Chrome, Firefox and Safari who all recorded losses last month.

Internet Explorer added on 0.99 points to bring it up to 53.88 percent of the market, marking a six month high. Microsoft had boasted that IE9 was downloaded 2.35 million times or at 27 copies as second during the first 24hrs that it was made available.

All 4 other major browsers lost market share this month. Firefox dropped 0.37 points to 20.55 percent, a record low for the browser since October 2008. Safari dropped 0.17 points to 5.07 and Opera dropped down 0.09 points to a mere 1.62 percent.

But surprisingly Chrome, one of the fastest growing browsers also dropped (albeit a minor drop of 0.3) to 18.57 percent.

These statistics come from¬†who have reported quite different results from Statcounter. StatCounter has claimed that Chrome’s market share has eclipsed Internet Explorer’s. However if you look into the finer details you will see why.

StatCounter measures market share based purely on pageviews. Since a recent update in Chrome means that it preloads web pages if it thinks you might view them, it is actually racking up pageviews that don’t exist. Also NetMarketshare weight their results to take into account different geographic regions and preferences which StatCounter doesn’t do.

So in theory Netmarketshare should give us a more accurate view of the current browser wars.

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