How To Boot Straight To The Windows 8 Desktop

Microsoft have decided that they would like you to be presented with the new Metro Start Menu once you log onto Windows 8 instead of the traditional desktop that we’ve all become used to.

However, not everyone is happy being presented with this start menu and would prefer to be presented with the usual Windows desktop that we’ve become used to. This guide will show you just how you can configure Windows 8 to boot to the desktop instead of the Metro Start Menu.

Microsoft haven’t included any settings which allow you to easily do this, so this is what we’re going to have to do.

  1. Create a shortcut that switches to the desktop
  2. Schedule this shortcut to be activated as soon as Windows 8 logs on

Creating A Shortcut

You’ll need to start up Notepad and paste in the following code.


Now you’ll have to save it as a .scf file and name it something like desktop.

You should then see a shortcut like the one below in whatever location you saved it. If you double click it you should be brought to your desktop.┬áIf it does, that means it’s working.

Using Task Scheduler

Now you’ll have to open up the Task Scheduler, a quick search will find it for you.

Now follow these steps. Click at point number 1 , then right click at number 2. Finally choose Create New Task.

Fill in a name for the task in the General Tab, then after that click on the Triggers Tab

Click on New and in the drop down menu on the Triggers tab, choose At Log On.

Once you’ve hit OK, click on the Actions Tab and then choose New.

This is where you are going to add the link to the shortcut that you created at the beginning of this guide. Simply hit Browse to locate it.

Finally once you’ve hit OK, go to the Conditions tab and uncheck the Start the task only if the computer is on AC power. Otherwise this won’t work if your laptop isn’t plugged in.

Hit OK to everything and you should be all done.

Now next time you log on, you’ll be brought straight to your desktop instead of the Start Menu.

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