Wallpapers From The Artist ShinyBinary

Here are some magnificent wallpapers from the Artist ShinyBinary. Nik Ainley is a digital illustrator based in the UK. He has been producing personal and commissioned illustrations for a wide array of clients for over ten years.  Lately you’ll find the ShinyBinary artwork work almost everywhere in the internet. He has worked for design inspirations and websites like PSDTUTS, Computer Arts, DigitalArtsOnline and Desktopography.

According to his autobiography he is a self-taught artist, and his interest in  digital art came late, in fact it occurred  while studying physic sat Imperial College in . However, his interest in art came much earlier than that. But as he pursued his studies he quickly found his interest in producing graphics on computer outgrowing that of his studies. After completing his degree he moved full time into design and illustration and has been there every since, and became the artist ShinyBinary.


Nik Ainly is constantly trying to expand his range of abilities and is he is alway looking to learning new software or techniques that will expand his artistic talent. He works in both 2D and 3D software to produce his images and enjoys the results that combining the two can achieve. His website, Shinybinary.com, was first launched in 2004 and has since attracted over five million visitors. He is represented in the UK by the Central Illustration Agency and sells high quality art prints with ClickforArt.

The gallery has these art objects: Alienation, AthenaRedux,Dance of the Orchid, Dream Machine, Fluid, Imagine, Julia, Keep It Together, Mystic, Only this and Nothing More, Oracle, Origins, Plunge, Spawn, Strange, Swarm, The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

The art stands out because he takes ordinary objects and amplifies them or introduces different concepts and intermingles them with an ordinary object. The result is often a startling look at the object but it is enchanting. His art appears in multiple sites some that are listed above and below. In any event, the present gallery here show just some of the art.



To download the ShinyBinary gallery click the the follow link:


[download id=”415″]

Source:  ShinyBinary , ArtBoomBehance

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