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How progressive can Azure Cloud operations be? Enticing businesses to go to Cloud operations can be a windfall, but they have to make the jump. But one way that jump can happen is if there are people who have worked on the cloud and have experience with it. So when they talk to businesses they can ask, “Is your system on the Cloud?” And if enough people are asking that, the enterprises are going to wonder if they should be making that jump.

In that regard, there are people that are getting just that experience needed to convince enterprises that the Azure Cloud is the future. It comes in India with Microsoft and the All India Council for Technical Education making a move towards deploying Live@edu in over 10,000 technical colleges and institutes throughout India.



OK, yes that is India, not the US or Europe. But what that means is that college graduates will be better poised to make that cry to use Azure Cloud when it comes time for them to make a move towards employment. This will help Microsoft directly, and the Cloud indirectly.


This is what AICTE wants for its colleges and educational institutions. It is a no-cost hosted platform for student communication and collaboration. It provides state of the art services to the global education market. Email and calendars with a 10GB inbox, 25GB of additional file storage, document sharing, instant messaging, video chat and mobile email. This is just the tip of the ice burg.


Comprehensive Operations

What AICTE wanted was a comprehensive solution in education across all the company’s products and programs, as well as the system’s interoperation with the entire Microsoft product portfolio. Also, Microsoft’s has a track record in higher education and it comes with the ability to deploy a system across geographically distributed locations without overwhelming the institutions’ IT management costs or complexity. That was a plus.

Live@edu is used at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland; St. John’s University; and the Kentucky Department of Education.

Source: Microsoft

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