Microsoft Wants Your Feedback For Windows 8 – Promises Free Stuff In Return

It might seem a little late in the development cycle for Windows 8, but Microsoft have published a post over on the windowsteamblog looking for customers to provide some feedback for Windows 8 by signing up for the Windows Feedback Program.

The program is invite-only and is only available to over 18’s located in the US. They are looking for volunteers who use Windows 7 or the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to provide feedback via surveys and by sending in data from a program installed on their machine. If you’re chosen to be one of these people, and stay in the program for more than four months, you will be eligible for “free software and Xbox games such as Microsoft Office 2010,Kinect Disneyland and Forza Motorsport 4”

Brandon LeBlanc stressed the importance that this is not a meant to be a way to submit bug reports, instead Microsoft are looking to “build better software by getting a broader understanding of your perceptions and experiences with our products.”

However it’s rather odd that Microsoft are pushing this now. Firstly it’s already pretty late in the Windows 8 development cycle and I doubt we will see many major changes between the Consumer Preview and Release Candidate. Secondly, the Windows Feedback Program has been around for several years already, the sign up form Microsoft provide is dated from 2009 after all.

I guess Microsoft are just looking for a bit more user feedback on its new user experience. After all, Windows 8 is probably the biggest change we’ve ever seen in terms of the Windows UI so I don’t blame them for wanting to get some extra input from the Windows community.



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