Intel’s Windows 8 Tablet Checklist Revealed

Intel, being the major supplier of Windows chips will be pushing Windows 8 as hard as they possibly can, especially now that Windows 8 will support alternative ARM chips, offering manufacturers more choice than before. So it’s in their interest that manufacturers will be producing Windows 8 tablets that are actually worth buying.

They’ve released what they say will be the standard minimum specifications for Windows 8 tablets that are powered by Intel processors. These are some pretty high requirements and I reckon we could see a few tablets fall outside these specifications at the launch of Windows 8, but if they don’t all the better for the consumer

Starting off we can expect to see Intel’s dual-core Atom Z2760 “Clover Trail” chipset. This chip features a unique “burst mode” which can be used when occasional boosts of performance are required. It also features hyperthreading which allows the chip to act like a quad-core chip in some situations.

Intel say that there will be two form types:

Pure 10-inch tablets and 11-inch designs which are hybrids with physical keyboards.

Intel are looking for a minimum of 9 hours battery life and around 30 days standby time.

They also seem to be looking to compete big time with Apple’s iPad on weight. Tablets should way no more than 1.5lbs (iPad is around 1.48lbs) and thickness should not exceed 9mm (iPad 9.4mm)

3G/4G connectivity is also a must and is becoming pretty much a standard feature these days along with WiFi and NFC.

These are some pretty demanding requirements set out by Intel, but any tablet that can match these specifications will be easily on par with the iPad, if not better.

I wonder will Intel be enforcing these rules as strictly as they are with Ultrabooks. Intel have very strict guidelines that a laptop must meet for it to be classified as an Ultrabook.

All things considered, it looks like we are set to see a very exciting range of new devices launched alongside Windows 8 in the second half of this year. Better start saving now for some of those new gadgets!

What do you think? Will all Intel powered tablets live up to these specifications?

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