Some Smashing May Wallpapers

Today is officially the first day of the Summer! That’s if you live in the Northern Hemisphere of course, otherwise I guess it means you’ve entered the first day of your Winter…

However since it’s the first of May, it means that Smashing Magazine have released another brilliant collection of Wallpapers for the month. This month we’ve got 22 various different wallpapers which try to capture the essence of the month of May.

As usual these wallpapers all come with calendars over layed which is quite handy. All you have to do is quickly glance at your desktop and you’ve got a calendar there.

These wallpapers were submitted to Smashing Magazine by artists all over the world and it’s well worth having a look at some of their work.

I’ve added a gallery of all the wallpapers below, but if you want to download them I recommend that you go to Smashing Magazines post where you will find the various image resolutions as well as a non-calendar version of the wallpapers. They also give all the appropriate credit to the artists which is important.

So what’s your favourite wallpaper this month? For me it has to be this one.

Why? Because as I write this it has been pouring rain all day, very appropriate for the first day of Summer.


Smashing Magazine

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