HP’s Windows 8 Business Tablet Details Leaked

All the major PC manufacturers are currently hard at work designing completely new hardware including tablets, ultrabooks and hybrids to launch alongside Windows 8 later on this year. Because Windows 8 has given Windows such a radical overhaul Microsoft need their PC partners to launch completely new hardware to take advantage of it more than ever.

HP had promised to deliver a Windows 7 powered slate to the masses when Microsoft launched Windows 7, but that project got delayed, pushed back and cancelled before HP quietly released a tablet for businesses that didn’t really gain much traction. So this time around I’m sure they’re hoping to do a bit better.

Neowin is reporting from their trusted sources that HP are hard at work¬†on an x86 tablet that will be thinner than the iPad as well as having an impressive 8-10hrs of battery life . It will weigh in at 0.68kg and couple that with a 10.1in screen and you’ve got yourself a nice piece of hardware right there.

The below slide is said to be a rendered image of what this new tablet will in fact look like.

HP are aiming this at the business side of things, as a result it won’t be an ARM processor since ARM based tablets won’t support legacy Windows applications.

Neowin are insisting that this is an official HP slide and it is a genuine mock up design for the new tablet as well as those specifications.

If these details and more importantly that tablet design turn out to be true, HP could have quite an appealing tablet here and will certainly be a good alternative to the iPad. It’ll be very interesting to see all the new hardware that comes out with Windows 8, manufacturers need to be careful though, they need to make sure that they will all be available immediately alongside the launch of Windows¬†8 in order to get some momentum going.

What do you think of this tablet mock up?

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