Dual Images on the Same Laptop From Microsoft Research

Imagine playing poker on a tablet. You can see your cards, and your opponent, who is sitting opposite from you can see his. But you cannot see his cards, and he cannot see your cards. The idea behind this projection is simple, and you’ve seen it before. Tilt your laptop, and the image fades, to the point that you can’t see it. Behind this is an LCD science that says that you can manipulate the pixels and distribute their appearance in different ways.


Imagine watching two TV shows concurrently? Or multiplayer Halo without the split screen . Or even more intriguing is the ability for stereo 3D displays without glasses. (Watch out Avatar) Check out the images below as examples – they’re in JPS format, which can be opened as JPEG by regular image viewing software, but viewed with the actual demo effect with a 3D (stereo)-capable display device like 3D glasses.


So with this new technology in the mill, imagine what it can do for the tablet or laptop or tablet. Microsoft will be able to change the appearance of the interface by rotating the device. This can change the entire view that comes from a unidirectional image. Now the interface will be multifaceted.

Take it a step further. This may be the technology that separates their Windows 8 phone from the iPhone and other similar devices. Because no matter what you say, the Windows 8 phone is a step child of the iPhone. And Microsoft has been pushing to improve the appearance, the speed, the ease of use of their phone. But that is nickels and dimes. Well, now they may have a fifty dollar bill in the shelf that will make a big difference in changing the technology of these compact devices; and ultimately their market share.

Because, while Microsoft, may be dominant in OS, and Office Apps, it get over the hurdle that it is an IBM wanna be, not an Apple wanna be. This may turn the tables where other companies may want to be a Microsoft wanna be.

Source: Technet Blogs

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