Microsoft Offers $99 Xbox 360 – If You Can Find One

There’s been a few quiet murmurs on the web recently that Microsoft could be offering their Xbox 360 console for a reduced price of $99. Well today it turns out that this is true. You can now pick up an Xbox 360 for $99 from Microsoft, however there is a few catches.

First off, in order to avail of this offer you have to sign up for a 2 year Xbox Live Gold Membership which works out at $14.99 a month which will mean that over the 2 years it will have cost you $460.

Still this isn’t a bad deal if you’re an avid Xbox Live Gamer and felt that you would be purchasing Xbox Live membership anyway. After all, you are saving nearly $200 on the price of the console itself.

Here’s the next catch however, the offer is only available on the 4GB model of the Xbox 360 which also has no hard drive, hence it has very limited storage.

However this does mean that Microsoft could be working this so that the next generation Xbox 720 (name not confirmed) is poised to be released once those 2 year contracts are coming to an end, if not before.

Finally, there’s one more little catch with this offer. It’s only available in Microsoft stores in the US.

Now you might not think that this is much of an issue, but Microsoft only have a ┬ámere 21 stores across the US, 5 of them being in California. To see if there’s one near you have a look at this link

So as you can see, as with most offers, there’s always plenty of little snags but if you were thinking of getting an Xbox and planning on playing online a lot then this could be a great deal for you.

What do you think?

Is this the bargain of the century? Or a deal with too many catches for you?

Let us know in the comments


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