5 Things that will be Different in Windows 8

Introduced last year as Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft Window’s new OS already boasted 300 new innovative features and gave users a taste of what to expect from the full release.

Microsoft officials revealed that the new operating system powered by 32-bit and 64-bit x 86 chips will be released in two varieties – Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. The new operating system, as Microsoft further revealed in their press conference, is designed for tech aficionados and professionals who are on the lookout for revolutionary software that can be used with various platforms. The new Windows operating system is set to do just that as it is compatible with platforms such as computers, tablets, phones, and even the Xbox.

Some of the cool features are the touch keyboards and snap multi-tasking, which will allow you to use multiple apps simultaneously in a single screen. Moreover, these apps can be switched, resized, and placed on the Start menu or your desktop.

The 5 Coolest Windows 8 Features

With all its cool new features, it is really difficult to tell which features will stand out. But for the sake of giving you a preview or taste of what is to come, here is a list of 5 of the most notable features of the Windows 8 OS.

The all-new Metro User Interface – Most often referred to as the Metro UI

Metro interface

This feature has already been present in Windows phones and used by Xbox Live users since 2010. By including this feature in the new Windows software, it will replace the Start menu, giving your laptop or desktop a phone-app feel to it. This is where snap multi-tasking comes in, as you can open each tile and view different apps simultaneously. Moreover, you can also use Windows 7 apps on your Windows 8 operating system, although you have to use a different built-in user interface in order to access the Windows 7 apps. For those who are worried if the new Metro UI is mouse and keyboard compatible—Microsoft officials have assured users that it is.

The Task Manager

windows task manager

The Task Manager on the Windows 8 OS has been simplified for easy navigation. This decision to simplify the Task Manager came after studies revealed that 85 percent of Windows users use the task manager to perform even the simplest task of shutting down an unresponsive application. Therefore, instead of finding a series of windows and tabs to do a task, all you need to do is click a certain application to accomplish the task. There is a word of warning, though; be careful since there will be no prompt to ask you to save your files. If you want more information about certain components of your system, you can just click the “More Details” button to give you more comprehensive data.

The Windows Store

windows web store

This looks like the Mac app store, and requires a Windows Live ID, which you can get through your Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger account. This will allow you to access new apps and display your own.



This is the cloud-storage service of Windows 8, which can store all types of files and automatically circulate them in various platforms. The SkyDrive feature can be used either as a standalone app or part of the Metro UI. As a standalone application, SkyDrive will let you access files easily; while as part of the Metro UI, it will enable you to easily send files and pictures through mail.

The Refresh and Reset Features

This feature will allow you to partially reinstall the Windows OS without worrying about losing your files and applications. Based on the Windows Image Manager, the Refresh feature allows you to replace damaged files while preserving other components which are not damaged saving you both time and effort.
Other Notable Windows 8 Features

Aside from the five features listed above, there are other features Windows 8 have that are worth waiting for such as charms, the control panel, enhanced copy features, and many more.

Charms allow you to arrange and organize the settings of various apps which can be dragged, dropped, or swiped. The control panel, on the other hand, can be personalized or customized according to your taste; while the enhanced copy features allow you to easily copy files on different apps simultaneously. When Microsoft introduces Windows 8 to the market later this year, you will find even more interesting features, giving you the ultimate PC experience.

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One Response to 5 Things that will be Different in Windows 8

  1. Robert Boland May 11, 2012 at 1:17 pm #

    I love the way Microsoft have added in the reset and refresh features. I think it’s essential that Microsoft push this feature hard to the general consumer. The amount of PCs I’ve been given to sort out because they’re running slow due to an insane amount of bloatware and useless software installing itself is crazy.

    I’m always told to “Get it running like new” and with the Reset feature in Windows 8 this is all that would have to be done

    Definitely one of the best features in Windows 8

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