Family Safety Coming In Windows 8 Release Preview

It’s not long now until we will get our hands on the release preview of Windows 8. Microsoft are said to be announcing the Release Preview around the beginning of June and in it one of the new features that we will be coming across is “Family Safety”

In a post over on the building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft announced the new built in parental controls that will allow parents to monitor their child’s activity on their Windows 8 machine.  “Family Safety”  is relatively simple and straightforward for parents to set up. All they have to do is check a box saying that a new Windows account is for a child and it will be activated.

The feature will automatically generate weekly reports for parents and guardians which will include data like how long their child spends online each day, as well as details on their web searches and what sites they visit the most. It also keeps track of the games that they play the most and how long they spend on the PC.

A few of the other advanced tools allow parents to set up web filtering as well as implement restrictions on applications and games based on their age ratings. Parents can also set up timers to restrict their child from being on the PC too long as well.


All in all I think these are family safety features can only be good for parents. Up to now Windows hasn’t really had great family protection features like this in it so I’m sure plenty of parents will be happy that they can now monitor little “Timmys” web habits.

What do you think of these new family safety features?

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