Windows 8 Tablets and Hybrids Expected By November

We still have no official word on when Windows 8 will officially be released to the public, but more and more evidence appears to be pointing towards the last quarter of this year. The first wave of Intel based Tablets and Hybrids running Windows 8 are expected to hit stores by November of this year.

A source “familiar with the matter” told Cnet that Microsoft and their manufacturing partners are on a tight schedule, but November is when we should expect to start seeing these Windows 8 devices. Obviously manufacturers are reliant on Microsoft to get Windows 8 finished off in time so that they can start testing the final RTM version of it.

 “Looking at what Windows is trying to achieve not only with a new OS, but a new OS that needs to run four to five architectures — three ARM, Intel, and AMD,”

We’ve also been told to not just expect a flurry of tablets, but that “more than 50 percent” of the designs will be hybrids which combine traditional laptops with tablets.

A mock up of HP's Windows 8 Tablet

A lot of these devices are expected to be running on Intel’s new “Clover Trail” Atom chip which is Intel’s first dual-core Atom designed chip based on its 32-nanometer process technology. It promises excellent performance coupled with excellent battery life.

Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga Hybrid

Of course plenty of these devices, more so the hybrids are expected to be running on Intel’s higher performance Sandy Bridge processors.

So all of these devices are expected to start shipping in November. This would lead us to believe that Windows 8 itself wont be available until November either. If this is the case, Microsoft are cutting it pretty close to the Holiday Shopping Period.

Is November too late for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Hybrids/Tablets? And will you be buying a new Windows 8 machine?

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