Microsoft’s Answer the Metro Criticism: Well, We’ll just see about that

Well, We’ll just see about that. What?
When Steve Jobs came back to Apple in the late 90’s, Apple was in dire straits. So he decided to do things his way, and the “….” with everyone else. I’m sure that when his vision started to make it out to Apple, and to the various departments like the computer, the mobile phone, and the departments of other revolutionary devices, people at Apple said, “What? That’s not going to work…Why can’t we be more like Microsoft, or like …, or like …?” But Steve Jobs reply, out loud or silently must have been something like, “Well, We’ll just see about that.”

And sure enough, he took a company, on the verge of financial collapse, to become the number one business enterprise in the World.

Will Metro Work?

So on the Microsoft side, people may have been saying “Why couldn’t we be more like Apple, or like …, or like ….?” There’s been a grumbling that with all the smart people working at Microsoft, they are Number 2, 3, or 4 in innovation. Things had to change. So Microsoft offers Metro. but there is talk that the new Windows 8 Metro interface is going to bomb. In an article in Zdnet, the writer points out that there are serious deficiencies in handling Metro. And because of that, Metro will not be the driver for success that Microsoft hopes it to be. Is this another Vista?

Microsoft’s Vision

For a company that is the largest IT Company in the world, dominating in Operating systems, and office productivity tools, you would think that they would be satisfied. But they’re not. Think IBM. Microsoft does not want to sit back and be complacent. Because, in the IT world complacency does not work.

That is one reason they have put in so much effort into the Windows 8 phone, and the Azure Cloud. They are trying hard to stay on top of the market. In fact, one example shows them this. They have seen, with Internet Explorer, that market saturation lasts only a short period of time. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browser companies have challenged the Internet Explorer, once the dominant Internet browser.

So, now Microsoft is trying a new hand at the OS. Already there will be two new major brands, Window 8, and Windows RT. Their view with the Metro Interface has to do with repeating the vision that Jobs had in the 90’s. That is, to change the way people work with computers. If it works, Microsoft will be at a crossroad about what is next for the industry, and I’m sure that there is a road of new technologies waiting to come out, but first Metro. And this can help them lead the industry, the way Apple has lead the industry for the last 10 years.

So will Windows 8 Metro be a failure? Microsoft’s answer: Well, We’ll just see about that.


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