Windows 7 Upgrade Details, Windows 8 Workshop Rumors

Two weeks ago details leaked about Microsoft’s plan to offer Windows 7 to Windows 8 upgrades for $14.99 for customers who purchase a PC running Windows 7 Home Basic or higher starting June 2. Even better, regardless of the version of Windows 7 running on the purchased PC, customers always get the higher priced Windows 8 Professional version when they opt-in to the upgrade.

And while there is still no official confirmation on the plan yet, The Verge reports that an Microsoft insider has confirmed the upgrade program. According to their information, the program will run from June 2 all the way until January 31, 2013 covering the important holiday period.

windows 8 metro

And if you thought this would be a great deal – which it is – wait until you hear that Microsoft is also planning to offer exclusive workshops for customers who participate in the upgrade offer. While there is no mentioning of costs, it appears as if the workshops could be free of charge to those customers. The Verge also notes that Microsoft on top of all this will supply customers with a $20 Microsoft Store gift card for attending a workshop.

If you are planning to purchase a PC right now, we suggest you wait a few more days until Microsoft confirms the upgrade program officially. Even if you do not plan on taking Microsoft up on the offer, the option to do just that at a later point in time is still available then.

As always, we ask you to take the rumor with a grain of salt until it is officially confirmed by Microsoft. We expect the company to release a statement before June 2 on the matter.


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