What’s new in Internet Explorer 10 Preview 6?

With yesterday’s release of the Windows 8 Release Preview came an updated version of Microsoft’s flagship browser Internet Explorer 10. The sixth platform preview brings several interesting new features and technologies to Internet Explorer that we would like to bring to your attention in this article.

Please keep in mind that the Internet Explorer 10 Preview is only available for the evaluation versions of Windows 8 at this point in time, and not for Windows 7. When you start the latest version of Internet Explorer 10 for the first time on Windows 8 you will likely not see many changes on first glance.

internet explorer 10

The browser pretty much looks the same way as before by all means. When you browser around a bit, you may notice that it is rendering pages faster than previously, and that the overall interaction with the browser feels snappier than before.

All major changes to Internet Explorer 10 Preview 6 are under the hood changes though. Lets take a look at what Microsoft has implemented into this version of the browser:

  • Native Flash integration for the desktop and metro version of IE10. Probably the biggest change in terms of functionality, especially when it comes to the metro version is the native integration of Adobe’s Flash plugin in Windows.  The version installed is 11,3,370,178. Why is this a big thing? Because Microsoft mentioned previously that the Metro version of IE would not support plugins which would have included Flash obviously. The company more or less circumvented this by integrating Flash natively into the browser.
  • Do not track feature is enabled by default.  Do not track sends information to all websites you connect to, to let them know that you do not want to be tracked. This feature is enabled by default in Internet Explorer 10. You find the setting under Internet Options > Advanced > Always send Do not Track header near the bottom of the listing.
  • Internet Explorer 10 now supports non-vendor prefixed versions of standards:  CSS transitions, transforms, animations, gradients, and CSS Fonts’ font-feature-settings property, as well as platform APIs
  • Performance has been improved across the board. IE 10’s rendering engine has received a speed and performance bump, and touch interaction with the browser has been improved.

Microsoft is on a good way with Internet Explorer 10, the company made huge leaps in terms of standards compatibility and performance. You find a detailed article on what’s new in Internet Explorer 10 preview 6 on the official Internet Explorer blog site.



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