How To Install Windows 8 From A USB

The Windows 8 Release Preview has been available to download as of last week and I’m sure many of you are eager to try it out. Personally, I think one of the best ways to install a OS is via a USB drive. It’s generally a bit quicker and it saves you having to go and burn a DVD. This guide below will show you exactly how you can set up a USB stick with the Windows 8 Release Preview so you can install it on your PC.

  • First off you’re going to have to grab yourself an ISO image of the Windows 8 Release Preview. You can download the Windows 8 Release Preview from here.
  • Now next up download the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool (yes it works fine with Windows 8) from here
  • And of course you’ll need a USB (Minimum size of 4GB)
Once you’ve got those 2 things, it’s pretty straight forward.
Install the Windows 7 USB Tool and then start it up. You’ll then be asked to locate the ISO file you wish to use.
Hit browse and locate the Windows 8 Release Preview ISO image that you should have downloaded by now.
Now in the next step you will be asked to select the device that you wish to use. You can use either a DVD or USB with this tool.
Go ahead and select USB Device, you’ll then be asked to choose which drive it is.
The tool will format the USB drive so everything that’s saved on it will be removed, so be aware of this.
Once you’ve done that it will build the ISO image on the USB drive and before you know it, it will be done.
Congratulations, now you’ve successfully created a copy of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a USB.
The next step now is to simply boot your computer with your USB inserted. Most new computers try to boot from USB’s before the hard drive so it should start the process automatically. However this is different on every computer so you may need to configure your boot menu by pressing¬†F8 (varies for different PCs) and choosing to boot from a USB Device.
Once you do this, the hard part is over and you just simply install Windows 8 as normal.

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