Seems that Metro can still be disabled

Everyone’s waiting for Microsoft’s mysterious announcement later today. And while we are waiting, a tool has come to light that supposedly is doing what many Windows 8 users may want to do: get rid of the Metro UI.

Windows 8’s Metro user interface is a controversial one, I give you that. I personally had to wait until I installed the Windows 8 Release Preview on a desktop PC until I made my peace with the new interface. And while I’m not using it an awful lot on the PC, I do not really mind the times that I do. If I had the choice, I would have opted for an update to Windows 7 that features all major improvements that Microsoft has implemented into Windows 8.

The tool, called Fxxk Metro has been posted on the Chinese PCBeta forum which was also the location for several of the earlier feature leaks and information about the operating system. Users who want to give it a try need to register an account at the site before they can download the program. You also need to make at least one post or reply to gain enough points for the download.

Please note that you need to make backups of your data before you execute the program on your system. I’d also recommend testing it at a site like Virustotal to avoid malicious code being injected on your system. I have tested the program and no malicious code was found during the scan.

windows 8 metro

When you execute the program on a copy of Windows 8 RP you will notice that the execution disables the Metro interface completely for that session. When you restart your PC, the Metro interface will be available again.

The interesting aspect here is that Metro can still be disabled, and that this makes it very likely that users with enough dedication will also be able to disable Metro when the final version of Windows 8 comes out.

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