What They’re Saying About Microsoft’s Surface Tablets

Microsoft shocked us all with two beautiful, finely-crafted tablets for Windows 8. Viewing the presentation, there is no doubt that Microsoft’s engineers and designers actually put time and effort into every aspect of the hardware. Something that we wonder about with most other PC manufactures. Still, there will be the typical anti-Microsoft technorati spewing biased drivel about the new devices. The initial verdict, however, is in and it appears that Microsoft did in fact send a message to fans, employees, tech sites, competitors and partners: Microsoft is invested in Windows 8, so much so that they’ve created their own hardware as a template for the high-end devices they feel should run the coming OS.

Here’s what folks are saying about yesterday’s announcement and Surface devices:

Microsoft NAILS IT! Way to go Microsoft! Surface looks AWESOME! Can’t wait to get some Unreal Engine games on those babies! – MARK REIN, Epic Games CEO

Less than an hour later, I and the rest of the world learned about Microsoft’s new tablet computer. It looks amazing. If Apple made a device with these specs and features, I’d be vibrating with excitement. – ANDY IHNATKO, Chicago Sun Times

Here it is, Microsoft Surface, the all new, Microsoft-made tablet. We just had our hands on the sleek new device, and we must say — it does feel incredibly well designed. – JOSHUA TOPOLSKY, The Verge

Microsoft just pulled off a showy, big-time event…That’s a hell of an achievement, and even more impressively, that hardware looks good. Really good. But, things aren’t perfect. – TIM STEVENSs, Engadget

Microsoft should be applauded for making many big bets with Windows 8. The Surface tablet is just the latest of these bets. And it’s certainly pretty to look at. – PAUL THURROTT, WinSuperSite

Microsoft’s new Surface tablets are exquisitely engineered, and no one can accuse them of being me-too products. Yesterday’s launch was impressive, but it also left many questions unanswered. – ED BOTT, ZDNet

Microsoft’s introduction of its Surface tablet engendered buzz like no other we’ve seen from Microsoft. The big question is, does it stand up to the hype? The answer, succinctly, is yes. – MELISSA J. PERENSON, PCWorld

Microsoft has done the best job that I have seen to date to combine a tablet and a laptop into a hybrid. Hybrids traditionally have a checkered history. – NIGAM ARORA, Forbes

First and foremost, the new Surface tablet, which was announced Monday in Los Angeles, is clearly designed for the creator in mind. – NICK BILTON, New York Times

Obviously, I’ve had to pick out some quotes from each of these writers and bloggers to generally sum up their impressions of the device. The main theme I came across is that Microsoft has possibly something great on their hands. However, price, availability and the impact on their partners remains to be seen, so a final verdict will have to wait.

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